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Leica EG1120 Leica EG1130 Leica EG1150 Leica EG1150 C
Leica EG1120 Paraffin dispenser

The Leica EG1120 offers a built-in solid paraffin separator, to prevent the dispenser nozzle from...

Leica EG1130 Cold plate for cooling embedding molds and paraffin blocks

The Leica EG1130 is designed to pre-cool paraffin embedded biological specimens prior to cutting on a microtome. It handles...

Leica EG1150 Modular tissue embedding center

The Leica EG1150 modular tissue embedding center incorporates two separate components, the Leica

Leica EG1150 C Cold plate for modular tissue embedding system

The Leica EG1150 C cold plate is held at a constant temperature of –5°C to support rapid cooling of embedded blocks and molds. ...

Leica EG1150 H Leica EG1160 Leica EG F
Leica EG1150 H Heated paraffin embedding module

The Leica EG1150 H is a heated, paraffin dispensing module with 3-liter capacity and a spacious, heated work surface...

Leica EG1160 Embedding center, dispenser + hot plate

The compact dimensions, ease of operation, and high standards of convenience characterize the Leica EG1160 paraffin embedding...

Leica EG F Electric heatable, forceps for safer transfer of tissue specimens

The Leica EG F electric, heatable forceps are designed for easier and safer transfer of tissue specimens during paraffin...