The Hamilton Thorne Zilos-tk™ laser: Leica Microsystems
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The Hamilton Thorne Zilos-tk™ laser

Published: 11.11.09

An easy-to-use system for your ART facility

The ZILOS-tk laser offers safe and precise zona drilling for assisted hatching and embryo biopsy. The ZILOS-tk features a combined laser-objective module which is mounted to the turret of an inverted microscope, e.g. the Leica DMI series. The ZILOS-tk laser comes factory aligned and does not require any further physical calibration. Showing the actual heat conduction produced by the laser pulse the patented Isothermal Rings of the ZILOS-tk maximize safety for working with human embryos.

Available as an additional option the ZILOS-tk RED-i system provides an indicator spot which is visible through microscope eyepieces. The RED-i feature speeds up laser zona drilling and makes your ART process even more ergonomic and time efficient.

For a complete laser system, including full featured software and computer, the portability of the ZILOS-tk laptop configuration can't be beat.

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